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Windy City ThunderBolts 2019 broadcast schedule
The ThunderBolts are proud to partner with Saint Xavier Radio 88.3 FM-WXAV and to make sure that all 96 regular season games are on-the-air in 2019!

Now in his 10th season with the club, Terry Bonadonna will be with you every game during the 2019 season to bring you the action both in Crestwood and on the road!

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To listen through click the link.
2019 ThunderBolts Broadcast Schedule
Red: WXAV        Black:  Meridix
Thursday, May 9th @ Joliet
Friday, May 10th @ Lake Erie
Saturday, May 11th @ Lake Erie
Sunday, May 12th @ Lake Erie
Tuesday, May 14th vs. Evansville
Wednesday, May 15th vs. Evansville
Thursday, May 16th vs. Evansville
Friday, May 17th @ Southern Illinois
Saturday, May 18th @ Southern Illinois
Sunday, May 19th @ Southern Illinois
Tuesday, May 21st vs. Joliet
Wednesday, May 22nd vs. Joliet
Thursday, May 23rd vs. Joliet
Friday, May 24th vs. Lake Erie
Saturday, May 25th vs. Lake Erie
Sunday, May 26th vs. Lake Erie
Tuesday, May 28th @ Joliet
Wednesday, May 29th @ Joliet
Friday, May 31st vs. River City
Saturday, June 1st vs. River City
Sunday, June 2nd vs. River City
Wednesday, June 5th @ Florence (DH)
Thursday, June 6th @ Florence
Friday, June 7th vs. Gateway
Saturday, June 8th vs. Gateway
Sunday, June 9th vs. Gateway
Tuesday, June 11th @ Evansville
Wednesday, June 12th @ Evansville
Thursday, June 13th @ Evansville
Friday, June 14th @ Gateway
Saturday, June 15th @ Gateway
Sunday, June 16th @ Gateway
Monday, June 17th vs. Chicago Bandits
Tuesday, June 18th vs. Southern Illinois
Wednesday, June 19th vs. Southern Illinois
Thursday, June 20th vs. Southern Illinois
Friday, June 21st vs. Washington
Saturday, June 22nd vs. Washington
Sunday, June 23rd vs. Washington
Tuesday, June 25th @ Southern Illinois
Wednesday, June 26th @ Southern Illinois
Thursday, June 27th @ Southern Illinois
Friday, June 28th vs. Lake Erie
Friday, June 29th vs. Lake Erie
Sunday, June 30th vs. Lake Erie
Tuesday, July 2nd @ Schaumburg
Wednesday, July 3rd @ Schaumburg
Thursday, July 4th @ Schaumburg
Friday, July 5th @ Joliet
Saturday, July 6th @ Joliet
Sunday, July 7th @ Joliet
Friday, July 12th vs. River City
Saturday, July 13th vs. River City
Sunday, July 14th vs. River City
Tuesday, July 16th @ Washington
Wednesday, July 17th @ Washington
Thursday, July 18th @ Washington
Friday, July 19th @ Schaumburg
Saturday, July 20th @ Schaumburg
Sunday, July 21st @ Schaumburg
Tuesday, July 23rd vs. Florence
Wednesday, July 24th vs. Florence
Thursday, July 25th vs. Florence (AM)
Thursday, July 25th vs. Florence (PM)
Friday, July 26th @ Evansville
Saturday, July 27th @ Evansville
Saturday, July 28th @ Evansville
Tuesday, July 30th vs. Washington
Wednesday, July 31st vs. Washington
Thursday, August 1st vs. Washington
Friday, August 2nd vs. Gateway
Saturday, August 3rd vs. Gateway
Sunday, August 4th vs. Gateway
Wednesday, August 7th @ River City (DH)
Thursday, August 8th @ River City
Friday, August 9th @ Gateway
Saturday, August 10th @ Gateway
Sunday, August 11th @ Gateway
Tuesday, August 13th vs. Schaumburg
Wednesday, August 14th vs. Schaumburg
Thursday, August 15th vs. Schaumburg
Friday, August 16th @ Washington
Saturday, August 17th @ Washington
Sunday, August 18th @ Washington
Tuesday, August 20th @ Lake Erie
Wednesday, August 21st @ Lake Erie
Thursday, August 22nd @ Lake Erie
Friday, August 23rd vs. Joliet
Saturday, August 24th vs. Joliet
Sunday, August 25th vs. Joliet
Tuesday, August 27th vs. Schaumburg
Wednesday, August 28th vs. Schaumburg
Thursday, August 29th vs. Schaumburg
Friday, August 30th vs. Florence
Saturday, August 31st vs. Florence
To listen through, click the link
or download the TuneIn radio app for mobile devices.
To listen through click the link.